Song List/Samples

A small orchestra and a group of singers were assembled to perform some of the songs, and the following are excerpts from the demo recording.

  Act I    
1 Tahiti Clowes
2 Fruit to Sell Various
3 Chance Destination Will, Frank and George
4 Lovely Lady Of Tahiti   Will with Hatatai
5 Vanilla Flowers to Pollinate   Will, Hatatai, Tatai and Metua
6 The Black Tahitian Pearl   Natives
7 Paradise Will
8 Family Obligations   Will
9 I Am Mrs. Clowes   Wives of Clowes
10 Love on Loan Hatatai
11 We Will Never Know   Clowes
12 Let Me Help   Anita
13 My First Love And My Friend Will and Hatatai
  Act II    
1 Chief Aro Otai and his followers
2 The King Of Tahiti   Aro
3 Anita's Prayer Anita
4 Simple Words Will Do Anita and Will
5 Happy Again   Metua and other natives
6 We Will Never Know (Reprise)   Tatai
7 Silent Celebration   Consodine, Clowes and Anita
8 The King Of Tahiti (Reprise)   Aro
9 Lovely Lady Of Tahiti (Reprise)   Will
10 A Different Love   Will and Hatatai
11 Fruit to Sell (Reprise)   Natives
12 Simple Words Will Do (Reprise)   Will and Anita
13 Tahiti (Reprise)   Whole company
  Act I    
  Life And Women On Tahiti   Clowes
  There is a Reason   Aro
  Act II    
  Guns! Rifles!   Various
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